Crystalyte HS3565RD 26", (Up to 2kW, 65km/h@48V)

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One of the most powerful and reliable hub motor series in its class. The HS3565RD rear hub motor comes laced to a 26" x 32mm double walled, aluminium rim using super strong, 12G spokes. Disc brake and freewheel compatible, this e-bike motor will run reliably up to 2.0kW with a top speed of 65km/h on 48V.

Slightly lighter than the HS4065, the HS3565 is better suited to flatter, less demanding trails than the HS40 motors.

This motor has a higher top speed but slightly less torque than the HS3540RD motor. For a higher torque option, please consider the HS3540RD.