Crystalyte HS4040 rear hub motor kit (W/O Battery)

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High Torque Crystalyte HS4040 series hub motor kit. Includes 26" hub motor, 7 speed cassette, controller, throttle and pedal sensor. All with matched connectors to plug and play.

This complete kit comes with the well known rear Crystalyte HS4040 hub motor capable of a top speed of 30km/h using a 36V battery, or 40km/h using a 48V battery.

Maximum power output is determined by the battery pack used with this kit. ie a 36V battery wil give an output of 1500W, while a 48V battery will give an output of 2000W

Please state your preference of thumb or twist throttle and winding choice in the comments during checkout.

Motor details:

Crystalyte HS4040 series hub motor with 6 bolt IS disk mount and threaded drive side for screw on freewheels. Spaced for 135mm dropouts. The wheel motor comes built into a 26" double walled alloy rim with 13G spokes. Choose this motor for high torque and hill climbing.

Controller details:

The compact 12 FET Crystalyte digital controller is designed to run on 36V and 48V nominal battery packs and sensored drive brushless DC hub motors at up to 40A peak current.