Headway 3.2v 10Ah LiFePO4 cell (38120S)

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Manufactured by Headway, the 38120S cells offer high charge/discharge rates in a robust aluminium casing. Complemented by screw thread end caps, these cells can be configured in several different ways to build the ideal shaped pack for your application.

Manufacturer's specifications:

Normal capacity 10Ah
Normal voltage 3.2V
Max.charging current 5C(50A)
Impedance ≤10mΩ
Max.charging voltage 3.65±0.05V
Continuous discharging current 10C(100A)
Pulse discharging current 15C(150A)
End-off voltage for discharging 2.0V
Cycle life 2000 times
Operating temperature      -20~60℃
Dimensions φ38×H120(38120L)/H145(38120S) (mm)
Weight 300g/330g
Operating temperature (charging) 0~45℃
Operating Temperature (discharge)      -20~60℃
Storage temperature (one month)      -20~45℃
Storage temperature (six months)      -20~35℃