48V 10Ah LiFePO4 battery pack constructed with Headway 38120S cells. (For 2000W e-bike kits)

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Constructed using the infamous 38120S Headway cells, these are arguably the most robust and versatile battery packs on the market. The modular construction of thes packs means that they can be reconfigured to suit the specific shape requirements of your e-bike or electric vehicle. The integrated BMS supplied with these battery packs limits the output to 40A continuous, 60A peak and protects the pack against overcharge, over discharge and short circuits. Encased in durable heatshrink, this battery can be carried inside a backpack, or bike rack, but can also be fitted to the triangle of the bike (hardware not supplied).

Capable of reliably powering e-bike kits of up to 2000W, these are one of the best battery packs on the market.

Charger not included.